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Taste your way through our Award Winning collection of beers on tap including well-known favorites, seasonal selections and the newest creations from the brew-lab team


5.1% ABV


This appetizingly crisp ale is fermented with farm fresh honey from Betterbee - Greenwich NY

Your subliminal consciousness called - it said you should go ahead and get that second pour!

2022 NYS CBC Bronze Medalist

2023 NYS CBC Silver Medalist

Light and Golden Ale Category

IMG_1304 2.HEIC


7.7% ABV

IPA | double new england

Whirlpool and dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy. Sensory yields notes of stone fruit and citrus with dank undertones.

The last time we were this excited? 

When our favorite acid washed, high-waisted denim made their comeback!


6% ABV

IPA | new england

Extensively whirlpool and dry-hopped with Lupomax Citra and Cascade. Notes of grapefruit and citrus with a floral kiss. 

We don't need a blind study to tell us this formula's efficacy is lab partner approved 

IMG_7636 2.JPG


6.5% ABV

hard cider | dry

Fermented to completion
0% residual sugar-crisp and dry

So maybe you haven't discovered a new law of physics this week ... nothing a glass of this bubbly elixir can't fix !


4.8% ABV

german berliner weisse | sour ale

Enjoy this award winning brew au naturel or infuse with our flavored syrups - blood orange, strawberry rhubarb, woodruff, passionfruit, raspberry, yuzu, blueberry or peach

2021 NYS CBC Bronze Medalist 

Kettle Sour | Simple Sour Category 

*This Beer is Currently on Hiatus



6.5% ABV

hard cider | semi-dry

Our own Hard Cider base. Back-sweetened with
Honey from Better bee in Greenwich NY

rX: 1 ( Atom's )  Apple a day 

As prescribed by your friendly neighborhood pharmacists


5.4% ABV

belgian witbier | wheat beer

This juicy pour is infused with sweet and bitter

orange peel and coriander 

Bitter get a pint while they last!

Orange you glad we didn't make another "before they cell out" joke


Maize Amber

5.4 % ABV

 Vienna Style Lager

The maltier sibling of our beloved "Maize Method" Mexican Lager, this Vienna Style lager has notes of light malt and bread with a remarkably crisp finish. 

Viva La Lager!


4.8% Japanese Rice Lager

Recipe made with 1/2 flaked rice to promote a light body for remarkable drinkability. Dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops for notes of lemon and hints of dill. Poured on a Lukr side pull faucet in 1/2L dimpled mug.

Stop into the taproom today to try a refreshing pour with a wet foamy head sure to chill you out on these  upcoming hot days.


Maize Method

5.4% ABV

Mexican Lager

Released annually on Cinco de Mayo, our Mexican Lager really puts the double entendre in "maize". Made with copious amounts of flaked corn, this beer is crisp with a finish reminiscent of a freshly baked tortilla chip. 

"Would you like a lime with that?"

Delta pH - Fruited Sour


Fruited Sour - Rotating

The latest iteration of our gold metal winning sour series. 

Our goal is to balance the sour and sweet to make the prefectly balanced sour

A marked drop in pH is the true litmus test to a perfect sour

*Current Flavor - Pineapple / Passionfruit / Tangerine

2022 NYS CBC Gold Medal Winner - Bartlett Pear

Fruit and Vegetable Sour Category

AIBC Taproom: Beer

cAMP Catalyst

6.1% ABV

Espresso Porter

I'm not sure you want to get into intracellular second messengers or even what caffeine does to adenosine receptors in the body. Let's just say it's excitatory. Let this beverage be your catalyst for the day. 

An oldie but a goodie, a fan favorite, cAMP catalyst makes its triumphant return in 2024. 

Chaos Calculated Variable #4

5.5 % ABV

Experimental NEIPA

All New Zealand and Australian hops including Moteuka, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, and Vic Secret. 

Bursting with bright notes of lemon/lime, passionfruit, and gooseberry with a refreshing crisp pine/resin finish. Croikey!

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